Music With A Message...

The Vision

My vision is to write original songs, songs that are 'songnificant' in support of non-profit and left-leaning political organizations.  

A Song is Worth 1,000 Words...  

A simple song can be very effective in expressing an organization's mission and values. I write songs for non-profits and political organizations that promote a liberal and all-inclusive agenda (that are aligned with my values).

I believe a song can be very effective in advancing an organization's mission, helping them to reach new audiences and generate greater support. 

Once the song is written, the organization can share the song to their community via email, social media, etc. They can even use the song to generate new revenue. Get in touch and let's get started!

Music is the language of emotion. Music that's ‘songnificant’ can express an organization's mission far better than simple words.”

— Maria Verven