Music With A Message...

The Vision
The vision is simple: for Songnificant to become the primary clearinghouse where:  

  • Organizations can find music that reflects their mission and values
  • Musicians can find audiences interested in the messages in their music  

Calling All Non-Profits (and other Organizations)!
At the same time, Songnificant will also offer non-profit, for-profit and political organizations that promote a liberal, all-inclusive and all-accepting agenda an opportunity to find songs that express their values, advance their missions and ultimately generate greater support. 
Our current political environment has elicited very strong emotions. We live in a complex world that feels out of control. We need music that says something important, something that expresses our feelings of anger, helplessness, frustration, outrage, and fear, but also of hope and faith. Words can express how we feel, and certainly, much has been written. But songs are different and arguably better, because music can elicit feelings in a way that words alone cannot. 

Calling All Songwriters! 
If you're writing songs about current events and significant issues and are not currently affiliated with another music publisher, let's talk.  

The value proposition is this: Songnificant will help find an audience that’s interested in and passionate about the messages in your songs. Because Songnificant is focused exclusively on music with a message, it can offer unique opportunities for building a fan base and possibly even financial rewards for songwriters who would otherwise not have this opportunity.  
The advantage of publishing songs with Songnificant is that I will put my 35+ year marketing expertise and dedication to working with community-based organizations to help find audiences whose interests and values match the messages in their music.  
A Novel Business Model
Songnificant can help negotiate three types of financial arrangements that would benefit both songwriters and non-profits. The first would be a simple license agreement where the non-profit secures the rights to use the song. The second would be an exclusive license agreement, where they alone could use the song, for a higher license fee. 
And the third is the most unique and novel idea: the organization would promote the song to their community via email, social media, etc. When a member clicks through and buys the song, they would collect a portion (up to 50%) of the revenue. 
Win – Win – Win! The songwriter wins by selling his/her song, the non-profit wins because they’ve opened up a new revenue stream, and Songnificant could also collect a modest commission fee for brokering the deal. 

The current political environment has elicited some very strong emotions. Music that's ‘songnificant’ can express our anger, helplessness, frustration, outrage and fear, but also our hopes and faith as well. ”

— Maria Verven