So when this is over and we all get to see; our lives have changed, it's rearranged how we were meant to be.”

"When This Is Over"

When This Is Over

Sunshine & Shades

“When This Is Over" is the result of a unique collaboration between a Minnesota singer-songwriter, Maria Verven ("Sunshine"), and Patrick Murray ("Shades"), a Jamaican keyboardist and musical director.

With members of the Hiyah Grade Band: Michelle Rowe, vocals Alex Lawson, guitar, sax and bass

Recorded in Negril, Jamaica by Paul Francis, recording engineer and mixed in Minneapolis, Minn. by Rob Genadek, The New Brewhut Recording Studio

The song is about the challenge of having mostly "2D" connections (on screen) rather than in-person gatherings during pandemic, but also expresses hope that this worldwide crisis will change us all in positive ways.

Maria met Patrick playing on stage during one of her many trips to Negril, where she spends 2 to 3 months every year. She sent him an iPhone recording of her song, originally conceived in the folk genre, with a reggae beat, along with the chords and lyric sheet. Patrick Murray, keyboardist and co-musical director, hired musicians from the Hiyah Grade Band, Negril, Jamaica, where the song was recorded.

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New Video!! August 2020

Music with a Message

How many times have you listened to a song - but had no idea what they were saying?

Yeah, me too. I love music that literally makes me move. But I also love music that moves me emotionally through lyrics that really speak to me.

Music With a Message.

That's the idea behind Songnificant and the songs that I write. Music elicits emotion in ways that simple words cannot. And music that brings meaningful, powerful words to life - well, that's the best of all possible worlds! 

I've been writing most of my life - for magazines as well as a multitude of different businesses. So writing lyrics comes easily to me. My lyrics express my strong feelings about the politics behind fear, prejudice and social injustice. But my lyrics also express my hope, faith and love for this crazy world.  

Need a Song for Your Non-Profit?

Music is a powerful way to express the mission and values of your organization. It can help rally others to participate and join in the cause. The original song can be used in videos, emails, on the website, and can even help generate additional revenue.  

Interested in commissioning a song? Get in touch! 

I will work with non-profits and political organizations that promote a liberal and all-inclusive agenda. The song I write will express the core mission and values in a truly unique way that will resonate with all audiences. 

For example, I recently wrote a song called "No Longer in the Dirt" for the Free Wheelchair Mission. This original song powerfully captures and communicates the incredible work FWM does to deliver wheelchairs to people all over the world who are literally crawling on the ground.

Get in touch!

It's Never Too Late

"It's Never Too Late" was released in 2017. It includes 10 original songs, including "Love Trumps Them All," a protest song about the 2016 election, and "War With No Name" about the need for gun control. 

Maria Verven, singer-songwriter & Songnificant founder

Maria Verven, singer-songwriter & Songnificant founder

Maria burst on the Twin Cities music scene in 2016, less than three years after learning to play the guitar. ​

Drawing from a rich musical background, including performing on the harpsichord and singing and playing recorders and crumhorns at the Renaissance Fair, Maria has written a treasure trove of songs expressing her thoughts on life, love and the pursuit of music.