Songs on Current Events and Significant Issues in Today's World

Is the protest song dead? Not according to singer-songwriter and Songnificant founder Maria Verven:
"Political and protest songs are needed now, more than ever. The current political environment has elicited very strong emotions. I believe we need music that's "songnificant" and expresses our anger, helplessness, frustration, outrage and fear, but our hope and faith as well." 

Songnificant is focused primarily on music with a message. Our vision is for Songnificant to become the primary clearinghouse where:  

  • Organizations can find music that expresses their mission and values
  • Musicians can find audiences interested in the messages in their music
A Win-Win Proposition

Songnificant offers non-profit, for-profit and political organizations that promote a liberal, all-inclusive and all-accepting agenda an opportunity to find songs that express their values, advance their missions and ultimately generate greater support.

Songnificant can help negotiate an arrangement that would benefit both the organization and the songwriter -- such as a license agreement or the exclusive rights to the song. 
Or, the organization could promote the song to their community via email, social media, etc. If a member in their community clicks through and buys the song, the organization would collect a portion (up to 50%) of the revenue. 
The songwriter wins by selling his/her song, and the organization wins because they’ve opened up a new revenue stream! 

It's Never Too Late

"It's Never Too Late," will be released in January 2017. It includes 10 original songs, including "Love Trumps Them All," a protest song about the 2016 election, and "War With No Name" about the need for gun control.

Maria Verven, Singer-Songwriter
Songnificant Founder

Maria Verven, Singer-Songwriter Songnificant Founder

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