From the recording It's Never Too Late

I wrote this song right after the surprise election of Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Like many, I was sickened by the thought that hate had won.

The lyrics of this song may have a short "shelf life" but this song, more than any other, really sticks in my head. So I had to include it...


Love Trumps Them All
Lyrics & Music © Maria Verven

They think that he's slick, despite how he got rich
But we think that he's sick, a narcissistic prick
Women are furious at how he's behaved
Now we are curious: Is groping now OK?

They go low, so we'll go high! Jump onboard for the ride!
It's time to take a stand; the future's in our hands!

Make America great; well, we don't disagree
But he inspires hate, and that's the tragedy

They push and they shove; they want to build walls
We'll push back with love, and love trumps them all


He plans to deport our Mexican friends
We just won't report them, let's see how this ends

Our borders could close on Muslim refugees
Shameless proposals; what's happening to our country?


End the madness! End the madness! We’re going backwards!
Fight for those who have no voice! Make this right, we have no choice!

He makes no excuses for stirring up your hatred
The folks he abuses: well, some have turned up dead

For every wall they build and every slur they make,
We'll build another bridge, just watch what we create

'Cause love trumps all hate, and love is our intent
We'll fix this mistake, impeach this president!