The Protest Song

Protest music is deeply rooted in U.S. history, dating back to our country's early beginnings. Those of us who are Baby Boomers well remember the protest songs of the 1960's that gave a voice to the issues of our day, and the Vietnam War in particular.

I believe the protest song is alive and well -- or at least it should be. It can now lend a voice to the millions who were outraged by the election of Donald Trump. It can also express the views of the civil rights movement, the destruction of our environment and many other social and political issues.
While political and protest songs are needed now more than ever, the genre has been lost amid the glut of silly pop songs. We need music that says something important, something that expresses our feelings of anger, helplessness, frustration, outrage, fear, but also of hope and faith. 
Protest music can help people realize they're not alone in their feelings of rage against social and political injustice. Community groups can also use songs that reflect their mission and values to rally the "troops" and strengthen their base of support.

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Our Vision

Songnificant is focused primarily on music with a message. Our vision is for Songnificant to become the primary clearinghouse where: 

  • Organizations can find music that reflects their values
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"I believe the ‘protest’ song will experience a rebirth in today’s divided and contentious world that's given rise to protests such as the Million Woman March and the Standing Rock protest."