From the recording It's Never Too Late

I was so outraged by the shooting at the nightclub in Orlando, I sat down that next day and wrote this song. I continue to be "deathly afraid for the grandchildren I hope to have someday," and "beg those we elected to make the right choice..."


War With No Name
Lyrics & Music © Maria Verven

Orlando and Austin, San Bernadino
Edmund and Newtown, San Ysidro,
Littleton and Blacksburg, and that's just the start
Of places where young lives were blown apart

It's a war with no name, but it’s a war nonetheless
This war with no name is surely a mess

There's one gun for every adult and child
In a country where we’re privileged to be alive
No wars on our soil, but wait! There sure is
A war with no name, 'cause something's amiss


Bushmaster, carbine, M-sixteen
AK-47, it's all gibberish to me
But what do I know? There are no guns in my home
Or the homes of my friends as far as I know


20 million guns in this country alone
Are semi-automatic, to be used up close
Smaller and lighter and simple to use
You can gun down your neighbors with the greatest of ease


When oh when will we wake up to see
This nation of ours is just a mockery
The whole world is watching to see what we do
'Bout weapons of war turned on innocent youths

Angry, outraged and deathly afraid
For the grandchildren I hope to have someday
All that I have is this song and my voice
I beg those we elected to make the right choice