When This Is Over

Sunshine & Shades

“When This Is Over" is the result of a unique collaboration between a Minnesota singer-songwriter, Maria Verven ("Sunshine"), and Patrick Murray ("Shades"), a Jamaican keyboardist and musical director.

With members of the Hiyah Grade Band: Michelle Rowe, vocals Alex Lawson, guitar, sax and bass

Recorded in Negril, Jamaica by Paul Francis, recording engineer and mixed in Minneapolis, Minn. by Rob Genadek, The New Brewhut Recording Studio

The song is about the challenge of having mostly "2D" connections (on screen) rather than in-person gatherings during pandemic, but also expresses hope that this worldwide crisis will change us all in positive ways.

Maria met Patrick playing on stage during one of her many trips to Negril, where she spends 2 to 3 months every year. She sent him an iPhone recording of her song, originally conceived in the folk genre, with a reggae beat, along with the chords and lyric sheet. Patrick Murray, keyboardist and co-musical director, hired musicians from the Hiyah Grade Band, Negril, Jamaica, where the song was recorded.

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