From the recording It's Never Too Late

Sometimes, after a powerful love connection is broken, you feel like a beat-up car, broken down and stranded on side of the highway. I know I felt that way at one time.

Now, however, when I see him, I feel the loss of our connection. We're more like two cars speeding past each other, and "ne'er the two shall meet..."


Roadside Assistance
Lyrics and Music © Maria Verven

He promised me forever, but there’s no warranty
Our love veered off course; he wanted to be free
Roadside assistance, please rescue me
I could not resist him, now I'm stranded and lonely

Jumpstart my car and my broken heart
Why did he go so far?
Jumpstart my car and my broken heart
My world’s been blown apart

He took the steering wheel and drove to Mexico
Fuel tank on empty and no friends in tow
Dancing in the bars with wives of the tourists
He still has a spark plug but no one to ignite it


He left me all alone, stuck here by the roadside
No one to help me, just me and my pride
My battery is dead, my carburetor's stuck
My fuel gauge on zero, please send me a tow truck


2nd Refrain
We drive down the street at a breakneck speed
And ne'er the two shall meet