From the recording It's Never Too Late

My daughter Emma has had a long and difficult struggle with BPD and other issues. As anyone who loves someone with a mental illness knows, it deeply affects the relationship.

P.S. I recommend reading the book "Loving Someone with Borderline Personality Disorder" by Shari Y. Manning, PhD


A Different Kind of Normal
Lyrics and Music © Maria Verven

Mind-numbing struggles... Added to life troubles
Hurdles are enormous... Nothing feels normal
The mind's a complex place... So who knows who's to blame
When things go terribly wrong... We learn to get along

A different kind of normal ... We'll get past our quarrels
Forget the words we spoke... We'll mend the bonds we broke

I'm in the waiting room... Running low on fumes
Was up the night before... We're locked into a war
I listen and I cry... I learn to sympathize
I get out of my head... And think 'bout her instead


If they only knew… There's others just like you
Then they might get a clue... What you've been going through….

What's going on inside her... Why trouble always finds her
But when I validate... We build the bonds we crave
The anger and the fear... I know it all feels real
But there's a thread of gold... So come in from the cold

Refrain (2 times)