1. My Last Drink

From the recording It's Never Too Late

After years of denying my issues with alcohol, I finally gave up drinking in 2011.

This song goes out to everyone like my who has struggled with that powerful and persistent beast. I call it my "un-drinking" song ;-)


My Last Drink
Lyrics and Music © Maria Verven

I don't even remember… My last drink
I was too drunk to remember… My last drink
Was it sweet, was it sour? I don't recall… the hour

But I do know the day, It was Independence Day
And so how ironic… That this day's now linked to
Freedom from drinking, and freedom from thinking ‘bout
Something I can't control… the awakening of my soul


Well, I loved Chardonnay, a nd how it helped me play, but
Chasing the effect is something I regret, I
Watch my friends as they chase their buzz and make
The same mistakes I did; it's a long slow downhill skid


I know it's a disease, and now I feel at ease
I'm free from the obsession, no longer feeling numb, my
Happy hours are happy, next morning I feel snappy
No more whiskey sours, ‘cause I took back my power

I took back my power