From the recording It's Never Too Late

During the summer of 2015, my dad was in a nursing rehab facility on Cape Cod. I was sad, and was only learning sad songs (I wasn't yet writing them). So when I brought my baby Martin guitar to play for him, I could only play sad songs.

My dad passed away on October 4, 2015. This song is dedicated to him, wherever he is. And it goes out to anyone who has suffered the grief of losing a parent.


Sad Songs for a Gentle Old Man
Lyrics and Music © Maria Verven

Tell me why you sang sad songs
While he sat in a nursing home?
I'd lost the joy that was in my soul
It was lost while I watched him grow old

Sad songs for a gentle old man
There's so much I don't understand
Sad songs for a gentle old man
Where oh where will I land

Tell me why you wheeled him outside
Played the songs of Django Reinhardt?
I wanted him to feel some joy
And forget what old age had destroyed


Tell me why you never could ask
How he felt 'bout his life at last?
I was afraid that what he'd say
Would haunt me 'til my dying day


Tell me what you want from him now
That he's gone and can't say anyhow
I need a sign that I'm on the right track
And proud of me if he came back


Tell me where you'd find him today
Your mom saw him in her doorway
He's there in my songs and the flowers I plant
He'll be there when I take my last stand